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As an authorized distributor of the REI (Research Electronics International) - USA, TECHNOSEC has organized on 29.02.2016, at the Athénée Palace Hilton Bucharest, a presentation of the latest products from company's portfolio, including OSCOR - Radio Spectrum Analyzer, ORION - Nonlinear Junctions Detector and TALAN - Telephone and Lines Analyzer. The ... Detalii
February 9, 2016technosec_editor


The German company KABA GmbH GALLENSCHUTZ made a new version of PAVIS. The new version, called PAVIS 2 is intended to establish operating parameters of both ETS21 and ETS22 controllers, that equips KABA products. German company has developed also new firmware versions, adapted to all categories of product.
December 18, 2015technosec_editor