KABA has a history of over 150 years and is synonymous with safety, reliability and technical ingenuity. Throughout its history, KABA has sought to identify and implement new technology into its products, primary goal being to satisfy the customers. German company GALLENSCHÜTZ became part of KABA Group 20 years ago and specializes in the design and manufacture of physical access systems for people. Now, the brand KABA-GALLENSCHÜTZ is synonymous with high quality products and technical innovation, having global references regarding its wide range of applications, including offices and administrative buildings, industrial premises, public authorities, banks, museums,hotels, airports, stadiums etc. Products range includes tripod barriers, turnstiles of various types, sensor gates and barriers, safety corridors, SAS, security revolving doors etc. Constructive solutions meet the most stringent standards for functionality, reliability and aesthetics, aiming to fulfill specific requirements of each client. KABA

    SITEC GmbH (Germany) has a history of over 60 years, being a reference company in the designing and suppling of security systems for banks, military, justice, public authorities, data centers etc. Product range includes acces and transfer SASs, vandal, armor and fire resistant doors and walls, biometric access systems, drawers transfer values, intercom systems etc. SITEC develops customized security solutions designed to meet customers specifications. SITEC equipment are tested and certified according to German and European Community regulations. SITEC

    Founded in more than 30 years ago, REI is currently a global leader in designing and manufacturing of TSCM equipment. REI customers are government agencies specialized in protection of information, institutions interested in protecting their data and activities (banks, research centers, industrial companies etc.) and any other companies that have technical security control as own activity. Products range includes high-speed spectrum analyzers, up to 24GHz, telephone and lines analyzers, nonlinear junctions detectors etc. REI (Research Electronics International)

    Marshall Company (USA) is a global manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of special optical systems, intended mainly for government institutions, including miniature sized professional camcorders with Full-HD-MP features, lenses adapted to the most diverse and complex applications, monitors and high quality video accessories. Marshall

    VISION HI-TECH (Korea) is an innovative company in the field of video surveillance solutions whose products have been entered the Romanian market by TECHNOSEC 13 years ago, being used in very important places. Since then, the concept "Zero defects" promoted by Vision Hi-Tech was fully confirmed. For this reason, users who want reliable and high performance CCTV products continue using VISION Hi-Tech brand. VISION Hi-Tech

    WATEC (Japan) started operating 30 years ago. It is the first company in the world that has developed, manufactured and commercialized miniature CCD cameras, being constantly preoccupied with reducing the size and increasing the sensitivity of their cameras. Nowadays, quality and reliability of WATEC products are recognized worldwide. WATEC CCD cameras are used not only by government agencies but also for industrial applications involving image processing, as well as in the medicine. TECHNOSEC distribute WATEC on the Romanian market for over 13 years. WATEC WATEC

    MASTER LOCK (USA) is a brand that has almost 100 years of history, being known worldwide as a manufacturer of a wide variety of locks and physical security systems, its technical solutions inspiring confidence to all users. Top leader in the North American continent since the early twentieth century, MASTER LOCK has expanded in the last decade on the European continent, context in which its products imposed themselves by reliability and safety. Master Lock